Hi there! Below you will find the list of operating systems, browsers, and form factors that are supported on StatusPage.io. We split our work between the management portal and our front-facing status pages, and will split out compatibility tables wherever possible.

The information below represents the minimum version of what we are committing to support and fix bugs for. Other unsupported OS, browser, and form factors may function just fine, but we make no such guarantee.

  Manage Portal Status Pages
Chrome Chrome 35.0 35.0
Firefox Firefox 30.0 30.0
Safari Safari 7.0 7.0
Ie IE 11.0 9.0
Operating Systems
  Manage Portal Status Pages
Apple Mac OS 10.8 10.8
Windows Windows 8.0 8.0
Ubuntu Ubuntu 12.04 12.04
Ios iOS 7.0 7.0
Android Android 4.0 4.0
Form Factors
  Manage Portal Status Pages
Desktop works works
Tablet mostly works works
Phone mostly works works

Last Updated: September 9th, 2014