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Most Recent Episode - Episode 5
All-Hands Support

In this episode we talk to Cat Le from Olark about the value of all-hands support, the processes and roles associated with all-hands support, seeing customers as people and not just statitistics, and what happens when you put engineers directly in contact with customers. Watch The Episode

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Past Episodes

User Onboarding
Jackson Noel of Appcues

We discuss eliminating friction, "WOW" moments, highlighting value propositions, tools to measure/improve your onboarding process, when onboarding stops, and timing onboarding messages.

Getting User Feedback
Chad Keck of
Cindy Alvarez of Yammer

We cover qualitative vs. quantitative data, saying no to feature requests, tools for the job, sharing feedback with the team, and how to help your customers help you.

Employee Onboarding
Bella Kazwell of Asana
Rusty Lindquist of HR Insights

We cover why a strong onboarding process is important, pre-onboarding, how to socially integrate new employees, and how to keep onboarding going after the first month.

Conferences cover
Sponsoring Conferences
Melanie/Megan of PagerDuty
Neil Mansilla of Runscope
Zach Katz-Springer of AWS

We cover the history of onboarding, reducing friction, getting to the "Wow" moment, how to turn prospects into customers, and more.