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Customer Commitment

"Statuspage has been essential to Fastly's commitment to transparency."

Austin Spires
Director of Customer Engineering, Fastly

One of our key goals is to be very transparent about the operational side of Travis CI. Statuspage is a key component for that goal and enables our team to focus on serving the open source community.

Mathias Meyer

Travis CI

We switched to Statuspage to give customers a consistent, off-network location to stay informed as we expand our network. They deliver on two goals: updating customers quickly and reducing load on operations, infrastructure, and support teams.

John Roberts


We strive to keep our customer communication as realtime as possible. Statuspage lets us do exactly that and gives our customers the flexibility to opt-in to notifications over email, SMS, or RSS.

Ilya Volodarsky


We had rolled our own status page that we got rid of in favor of Statuspage, their product is fantastic and it's one less thing for us to build and maintain. That peace of mind is worth a lot to me.

Chad Arimura

Our status page lets us be fully transparent in keeping our customers updated about the status of Librato's service. We strongly believe in picking best of breed services rather than building them internally, making Statuspage an easy choice.

Joe Ruscio


Being transparent and gaining customer trust is very important to our business. Statuspage was a quick and easy win to achieve this. Highly recommended for all API companies

Ryan Spraetz

Keen IO

Moving from an in-house solution

"Statuspage replaced our homegrown status page solution. They make it dead simple for us to be transparent with our customers and we love that flexibility."

— Laura Kibben, Director of Technical Support, New Relic

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