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Availability-Zone Redundant

We are hosted primarily on AWS in us-west-2. Availability zone redundancy gives us durability in Oregon in the event that a single AZ has issues.

Region Redundant

Streaming replication gives us region redundancy all the way to eu-west-1 (Ireland) in the event all of us-west-2 goes dark.

100% Transparent

We take uptime very seriously and publish our uptime numbers for customers to see on our status page.

How Can Help You?
Having A Status Page Benefits Everyone In The Organization

Finally, a dedicated place to communicate downtime issues.

Instead of replying to the entire organization when the site goes down, you can now have them opt-in to every status update. allows you to post in detail about specific downtime incidents. You can also list the status of each individual functional unit of your site -- so if one function of your site is down but all of the other parts are working, you can indicate exactly what’s going on.

Minimize distractions during downtime

When servers are on fire, you don't need 100 internal emails and half of the executives stopping by asking why you're down.

Get the whole devops team on the same page

If something is wrong, keeping the whole devops up-to-date with the issue will help it get resolved faster. Pipe updates to your page directly into HipChat or Campfire

You can even schedule upcoming maintenance

Avoid the wrath of customers trying to access their dashboards only to find out that you are doing a major database migration by proactively notifying customers about upcoming scheduled maintenance.

Provide better support to customers with your own custom status page.

What is that noise? It's the thundering heard of support tickets that come around every time your site is down. But no more! Point customers to your new status page a few times and they'll learn to go straight there when they're experiencing issues.

Downtime doesn't have to be a support nightmare. Our customers have seen dramatic reductions in support tickets that come in during downtime events.

Avoid the plethora of repetitive tickets during downtime

Once users are used to checking your status page during an outage, you'll notice a dramatic decline in support tickets. You can also direct them to subscribe to updates from your status page.

Quicker answers means happier customers

The fact is, users want to know why things aren't working as soon as possible. A quick visit to your status page is the best solution.

Lets you get back to answering real inquiries

Now that you're not spending time answering redundant questions, you can get back to helping users with novel problems.

Follow downtime incidents without getting in the way.

Let's face're obsessed with your customers, but you're not in the trenches on a daily basis facing off with the ever expanding server gremlins. When your servers are on fire, best chances for a quick recovery are to let your devops team take the reigns and fix the issue at hand.

Having a company status page is the best way to stay up-to-date with what's happening without getting in the way.

Keep up with downtime incidents

Even if you're not the one fixing the issue, you'd like to know what the problem is and what the team is doing to fix it.

Ensure regular updates to the status page

Make sure the team is regularly posting updates during downtime. Your customers hate being left out of the loop.

Happier customers drives growth

Having a dedicated status page will show potential customers your commitment to uptime and that you're confident enough to be transparent about it.

Pricing That Scales With You As You Grow
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$ 29 /MO
  • Up To 250 Subscribers
  • 2 Team Members
  • Email Support
  • Email Notifications
  • 2 Public Metrics
$ 399 /MO
  • Up To 5,000 Subscribers
  • 25 Team Members
  • Account Rep Support
  • Email, SMS, Webhook Notifications
  • 25 Public Metrics
  • Custom CSS/HTML/JS
  • Component Subscriptions
  • Secured Custom CNAME (SSL)
  • SAML Team Member Authentication
Call For Pricing
(855) 787-7446
  • Custom Subscriber Limit
  • Custom Team Member Limit
  • CEO's Phone Number Support
  • Email, SMS, Webhook Notifications
  • Custom Public Metrics Limit
  • Individual Viewer Credentials
  • Custom Privacy Features
  • Multiple Page Deployment
All plans come equipped with unlimited traffic, custom CNAME support, logo branding, access to 3rd Party Components,
automation integrations such as PagerDuty, New Relic, Pingdom, and all chat integrations such as HipChat and Slack.

Check out the full details and FAQ.

What People Say About

Quote ewdurb

We struggled to provide appropriate incident communication to our customers with a homegrown status page for years. provides us with the right tool for the job.

- Ernest Durbin, KISSmetrics

Quote mathias

One of our key goals is to be very transparent about the operational side of Travis CI. StatusPage is a key component for that goal and enables our team to focus on serving the open source community.

Mathias Meyer, Travis CI

Quote phil

Setting up a status page with New Relic and Pingdom integrations in under 10 minutes made this an easy decision for Podio. We love how effortless StatusPage has made it to publish our uptime.

- Phil Chamber, Podio

Quote colin

Statuspage is a no-brainer if you have a business where people rely on up-time. Spend your engineering resources on making your product better, not building a service status page.

Colin Nederkoorn,

Laura replaced our homegrown status page solution. They make it dead simple for us to be completely transparent with our customers and we love that flexibility.

- Laura Kibben, New Relic

Quote chad

We had rolled our own status page that we got rid of in favor of, their product is fantastic and it's one less thing for us to build and maintain. That peace of mind is worth a lot to me.

Chad Arimura,

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