We help enterprises reduce churn
by being more transparent.

Opening up about downtime can be scary, but transparent communications makes for happier customers. Get in touch to learn how to effectively communicate during an outage.

We help enterprises benefit from
communication and transparency.

Opening up about downtime can be scary. StatusPage has helped hundreds of enterprises safely become more transparent around outages.
Individualized System Status
Custom status information based on who customers are, what infrastructure they live on, and what services they use.
Localization For Customers Abroad
Dramatically improve the quality of your customers' experience by communicating in their native language.
Redundant Infrastructure
StatusPage is hosted in multiple data centers on two different continents. You can rest easy knowing we take uptime very seriously.

Customer-Specific Status Communications
Because the status of your system isn't always "one size fits all".

Customer Sync
Use the Multitenancy API to tell us about the services your customers use and which servers their data lives on. We provide the tools to encrypt this information for your safety.
Privacy Baked Right In
You and your team can sleep soundly knowing that only your customers have access to your status information.
Multitenancy component update
Tailored System Status Information
One server being down may affect one customer, but mean nothing to the rest. Using StatusPage Multitenancy, your customers will receive the individualized status information they expect.

Support Your Customers In Their Native Language
Give customers the experience they deserve in their native tongue.

All Systems Operational
Alle Systeme Operational
Todos Os Sistemas Operacionais
Alla System Operativa
Todos Los Sistemas Operativos
Tous Les Systèmes Sont Opérationnels
Available Soon In 6 Languages
United states English
Germany German
France French
Spain Spanish
Sweden Swedish
Brazil Portuguese

Customizable Status Pages
Design a beautiful status page that matches your brand.

Branding Is Everything
Your design and marketing departments will love being able to fine-tune fonts, colors, and all the details that make your brand special.
HTML/CSS Control
You have complete control over your website's header and footer. Take a look at what some of our customers have done with their templates.
Custom pages
We live what we preach. Our complete incident history since the beginning is available on our own status page.
Scalable Infrastructure
Our systems can scale to handle hundreds of thousands of customers and notification subscribers.
Redundant Data Centers
We have the ability to fail over to data centers on different continents in the event of a disaster scenario.
Status Expertise
We understand incident communication by working with 1,000 tech companies across the globe.
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