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Marquee uservoice
UserVoice, one of the leading SaaS customer service tools, needed a better way to to let their own customers know of unscheduled downtime.
The Problem
For over 5 years, UserVoice used their company blog to post information about backend incidents. While this implementation technically worked, it became confusing to visitors, and past incidents competed for attention with other important product updates.
The Solution
Within a week of evaluating StatusPage, UserVoice decided to separate their product blog from all incidents, launching status.uservoice.com, and integrating their product status directly into their app. Now, thousands of UserVoice customers have a dedicated source of truth for up to the minute system status information.
Quote ted
"StatusPage is an awesome tool for informing customers about service issues without cluttering product announcements and other peacetime posts."
Ted Choper, Head of Customer Success, UserVoice

We struggled to provide appropriate incident communication to our customers with a homegrown status page for years. StatusPage provides us with the right tool for the job.
Quote ewdurb
Ernest Durbin
StatusPage has quickly become an essential tool for transparency to communicate status updates with our customers. I keep talking about it with friends who need similar pages. You can firmly count AWeber in the StatusPage fanboy camp.
Quote tom kulzer
Tom Kulzer
Setting up a status page with New Relic and Pingdom integrations in under 10 minutes made this an easy decision for Podio. We love how effortless StatusPage has made it to publish our uptime.
Quote phil
Phil Chamber
StatusPage's HipChat integration is by far the best way to keep our team updated when we're dealing with trouble. Things can get hectic at these times and it's great having the notifications in our room where they will not be missed.
Quote garret heaton
Garret Heaton
Atlassian HipChat
Our customers depend on Meldium to do their jobs, and we need to communicate any issues to them ASAP. StatusPage lets our operators talk directly to our customers and get back to restoring service.
Quote brad
Brad Buda
StatusPage helps us be more transparent and communicate more directly with our students. Not having to manage our own status page let's us focus on what we do best.
Quote nate meyer
Nate Meyer
StatusPage is a no-brainer if you have a business where people rely on up-time. Spend your engineering resources on making your product better, not building a service status page.
Quote colin
Colin Nederkoorn
Performance metrics on our status page are key to our commitment to transparency. It's one of the simplest ways for us to effectively communicate metrics to all our customers, and allow them to consume that information however they choose.
Quote beau
Beau Christensen
Ping Identity
StatusPage makes it incredibly easy for anyone across our different teams to give users a heads-up when we're having issues.
Quote talton
Talton Figgins

Marquee newrelic
New Relic had initially built their own status page, but switched to StatusPage and hasn't looked back.
The Problem
New Relic put much time and effort into building their own page to display monthly and yearly uptime statistics for their various services. However, because building status pages is not a core competency of New Relic, the page was hard to use for the customer support team. Consequently, the page did not consistently represent correct system status.
The Solution
New Relic was one of StatusPage's early adopters soon after launch. With an easy to use management portal, the whole customer support team jumped on board with the new page, allowing New Relic to further demonstrate their commitment to customer transparency.
Quote laura
"StatusPage replaced our homegrown status page solution. They make it dead simple for us to be transparent with our customers and we love that flexibility."
Laura Kibben, Director of Technical Support, New Relic

Marquee bitbucket
Bitbucket switched to StatusPage after years of using a status page built in-house.
The Problem
When Bitbucket is unavailable, their users can't get work done - a responsiblity that Bitbucket takes very seriously. However, their initial status page mainly displayed a top level 'up' or 'down' status, when in reality, there are many moving parts to Bitbucket's system that customers needed deeper insight into.
The Solution
Bitbucket wired up their existing monitoring checks using StatusPage's API to their new StatusPage, providing automated updates to the availability of their website and API, SSH access to Git and Mercurial, Git access via HTTPS, Mercurial access via HTTPS, and Source Downloads. Also, since one of the values at Atlassian is 'Open Company, No Bullshit', Bitbucket is now publishing important statistics related to how well Bitbucket is servicing thier customers such as the average response time for Git and Mercurial access.
Quote dylan
"StatusPage has an awesome product that integrates with all of our existing monitoring tools such as NewRelic and Pingdom. We were able to get our initial site setup in under 2 hours. They also allow a great level of customization that allowed our designer to make the site look and feel just like home."
Dylan Etkin, Development Manager, Bitbucket

For a service like Codeship, reliability is key, but in the rare cases we do experience downtime, StatusPage always has our back. We can let our customers know instantly what is happening and why it is happening.
Quote flo
Florian Motlik
We switched to StatusPage to give customers a consistent, off-network location to stay informed as we expand our network. They deliver on two goals: updating customers quickly and reducing load on operations, infrastructure, and support teams.
Quote john roberts
John Roberts
StatusPage has saved us weeks of customer support time. It's great for transparency and allows us to be proactive in our customer communications. It's become an essential piece of our service and our customers love it.
Quote brad
Brad Van Vugts
StatusPage makes it easy for anyone across our different teams to give users a heads-up when we're having issues.
Quote jarrett
Jarrett Streebin
Having a single place to tell our customers about issues we're having makes it extremely easy to keep them in the loop at all times.
Quote james
James Yu
StatusPage hits the nail on the head - simple, but all the right features we need.
Quote eric anderson
Eric Anderson
Copper Egg
We strive to keep our customer communication as realtime as possible. StatusPage lets us do exactly that and gives our customers the flexibility to opt-in to notifications over email, sms, or rss.
Quote ilya
Ilya Volodarsky
We had rolled our own status page that we got rid of in favor of StatusPage, their product is fantastic and it's one less thing for us to build and maintain. That peace of mind is worth a lot to me.
Quote chad
Chad Arimura
One of our key goals is to be very transparent about the operational side of Travis CI. StatusPage is a key component for that goal and enables our team to focus on serving the open source community.
Quote mathias
Mathias Meyer
Travis CI
Our customers rely on Server Density for their monitoring so if there are any problems, it's important they know about it right away. StatusPage makes it easy for our customers to get real time notifications so they can make alternative arrangements when necessary.
Quote david
David Mytton
Server Density
Our status page lets us be fully transparent in keeping our customers updated about the status of Librato's service. We strongly believe in picking best of breed services rather than building them internally, making StatusPage an easy choice.
Quote joe
Joe Ruscio
Being transparent and gaining customer trust is very important to our business. StatusPage was a quick and easy win to achieve this. Highly recommended for all API companies.
Quote ryan
Ryan Spraetz

Marquee mailgun
Mailgun, one of the leading email deliverability services for developers, ditched their Pingdom uptime page for a fully featured StatusPage status page.
The Problem
Back in September, Mailgun realized that there may be issues that occur with its service which are not covered by simple uptime status indicators. Twitter updates were just too ephemeral and weren't getting the job done. They needed to be more transparent with their customers and provide a simple portal where customers could signup for updates and chose their method of notification.
The Solution
Mailgun set up a dedicated status page on StatusPage to update customers about downtime incidents. With up to the minute uptime statistics and email, sms, and webhook subscriptions, the Mailgun status page has become the status source of truth for Mailgun's thousands of customers.
Quote taylor
"StatusPage is one of those rare services that requires minimal effort and gives you a big gain in your customers' satisfaction."
Taylor Wakefield, Co-Founder, Mailgun

Marquee derby
With the shift from universities implementing software behind the firewall to buying software as a service products, university status pages are becoming a necessity for delivering up to the minute IT status and notifications.
The Problem
These days, most universities are moving off of internal systems and purchasing software as a service products. Without complete control over these products, universities can often leave students, faculty, and IT in the dark when it comes to software issues affecting systems such as student email, the campus network, and course resources.
The Solution
Similar to technology companies, universities are now getting setup with status pages hosted off of their own infrastructures. They're allowing individual students, faculty, and staff to subscribe to relevant system component notifications, without ever having to write a line of code internally.
Quote luke
"Our favorite aspect of StatusPage is that it provides us with a clean & clear system to keep students and staff informed when they need it most."
Luke Bradbury, Application Infrastructure Engineer, University of Derby

Marquee zumba
Internal status pages are quickly becoming a go-to source of truth for all employees to stay up to date with backend and internal IT incidents.
The Problem
When you're on call and the pager goes off, the last thing you want to be doing is emailing status updates to the rest of your team and replying to the sales guy down the hall wondering when the application is going to be back up. Unfortunately, usually the person tasked with fixing the problem is also the one being bogged down sending unneccessary status emails.
The Solution
Companies such as Bleacher Report, Shutterstock, Kik, Monetate, and Spredfast are all using StatusPage as their internal hub for status updates and notifications. By allowing employees to sign up for internal notifications, these companies have eliminated the need to send or reply to status emails. Developers can focus on fixing the problems. C-level execs can stay up to date without micromanaging. Front line customer support team can appropriately communicate with customers. All without anyone having to write or respond to an email.
Quote douglas
"During outages, we used to get bombarded with teammates asking "Is the site down?". Today, the first thing the Incident Commander does is update our StatusPage. No more questions. Our in office internet connections have outages, too. After seeing our StatusPage, our IT Manager asked if he could have an account. Today, instead of the whole company running to his desk, he sends updates company wide with a few clicks. He literally bought me lunch."
Douglas Jarquin, Technology Operations Manager, Zumba Fitness

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